Causes of ankle pain

Osteoarthritis of the ankle

People with osteoarthritis in the ankle experience one or more of the following:

  • Ankle pain - typically, a dull ache

  • Ankle stiffness

  • Swelling in or near the joint

  • Difficulty weight bearing, walking or moving the ankle joint

Nerve compression - tarsal tunnel syndrome

The tarsal tunnel is a narrow space that lies on the inside of the ankle, next to the ankle bones. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a compression, or squeezing, on the posterior tibial nerve that runs through the tarsal tunnel. The compression produces painful symptoms anywhere along the path of the nerve running from the inside of the ankle into the foot.

Chronic ankle pain

Other types of ankle pain may result from complications following an acute injury (perhaps quite some time past).

In this instance there may be a weakness in the ligaments, tendons or even supporting muscles. 

Using TENS therapy for ankle pain

After a diagnosis of chronic or degenerative ankle pain, your pain management plan will include several methods of pain relief and should offer drug-free options.

ActivBody is the TENS machine we suggest for chronic ankle pain

ActivBody electrotherapy can be used everyday - outside the clinic - for drug-free, on-demand ankle pain relief; plus it will help keep your ankle joints mobile.

ActivBody effectiveness

We conducted a survey of 153 customers with ankle pain. 97% of them achieved satisfactory pain relief using our TENS machine and recommendations for pad placement and treatment times.


How to use ActivBody for ankle pain

User Guide

Please read the User Guide that comes with your TENS machine.

Assemble your system

  1. Connect the single end of the lead to the control unit

  2. Connect the end with 2 pins to the electrodes

  3. The 2 strands of the lead can be separated the full length of the lead, if required

Pad placements - ankle

The objective is to place the pads either side of the spot where the pain is at its worst.

The signal passes from one electrode to the other, therefore passing through the ankle from side to side or from front to back.

These are examples only. Please phone us if you need further advice.

In addition to the gel pads we also sell a range of conductive garments, including an ankle garment.