What electro therapy feels like

TENS - continuous

People use various expressions to describe the sensation of their first experience of TENS therapy; e.g.:

  • Tingling

  • Comfortable pins and needles

  • Massage

  • Pulsing

Intensity setting is entirely your choice. However, the sensation should never be painful, and when using a continuous mode (for pain relief) your muscles should not twitch or contract.

EMS and ECS - surging

During the ON phase, EMS and ECS feel just like TENS. During the OFF phase you feel nothing at all. The ON phase lasts for approximately 6 seconds; the OFF phase is approximately 12 seconds long.

If you are using ECS for healing then muscles should not contract or twitch.

If you are using EMS for muscle strengthening, then muscles should definitely contract during the ON phase, and then release and relax during the OFF phase

Getting started


  • Place both electrodes on a test location of your body - somewhere easy to reach

  • Plug the two metal pins of the connecting lead into the two electrodes

  • Connect the plug of the connecting lead to the output socket of the control unit - make sure it goes in all the way

ON and up; down and OFF

  • To turn the control unit ON, press down on the + (plus sign) button; a light will come on

  • Carefully increase the intensity of the signal by continuing to press down on the same button - do not hold it down but make discrete, individual presses

  • Each press increases the intensity by 2 volts

  • To decrease the intensity, press the - (minus sign) button; each press decreases the intensity by 2 vol;ts

  • To turn the unit OFF, hold down the minus button for 5 seconds; leave for a few seconds; when the light stops blinking the unit is turned OFF

To select a different therapy mode

With the unit turned ON:

  • Hold down the minus button with the thumb of your right hand

  • Press the plus button to change to the next mode

  • Press again to change to the next mode

  • Press a third time to return to the original mode

  • Once on the mode of choice, increase and decrease, as above

When you are ready to commence therapy

  • Ensure the unit is turned OFF

  • Re-position the electrodes to the relevant part of your body

  • Turn the unit ON and up one setting

  • Select your mode of choice

  • Increase the intensity to a comfortable level

  • Leave for the desired time

  • Turn the unit OFF

If you are moving the electrodes

  • Turn the unit OFF

  • Move the electrodes

  • Turn the ON and up to the desired intensity