Only ever use surging modes for pelvic floor muscle contraction.

The following is the "ideal" program - but don't worry if you miss a day or two. Just do what you can.

  • PFE i is for involuntary muscles, e.g. the internal sphincter muscles

  • PFE v is for voluntary muscles such as all muscles that support the pelvic organs, and the external sphincter muscles

  • PFE m - the m stands for mixed, as this mode exercises all muscles at the same time by modulating between low frequency and high frequency stimulation

Minutes per mode per day

Week PFE i ModePFE m Mode PFE v Mode
1 20 minutes20 minutes 0 minutes
2 30 minutes30 minutes 0 minutes
3 40 minutes40 minutes 0 minutes
4 0 minutes50 minutes 40 minutes
5 0 minutes50 minutes 40 minutes
6 0 minutes40 minutes 50 minutes
7 0 minutes50 minutes 40 minutes
8 0 minutes30 minutes 60 minutes
Maintenance 20 minutes20 minutes 20 minutes