When ActivBody is suited

The carers

ActivBody can be administered by:

  • The resident themselves, if they have the physical and mental capacity

  • A physiotherapist, registered nurse or trained personal care assistant

  • Home based carers or community nurses

The carer must read and understand the User Guide. It is also a good idea for the carer to trial the stimulation for themselves - so they get some idea of what their patient will be experiencing.

The patient's faculties

If the resident can follow instructions and adjust the buttons, allow them to do this; they will feel empowered and in control.

Otherwise, the resident / client must be able to communicate to the carer:

  • The location of their pain

  • The sensation they are feeling

  • How they feel after treatment

  • AND, they must not interfere with control unit settings during treatment - supervision may be necessary

The carer should look for signs of discomfort or muscle twitching - if this occurs simply turn the intensity down one or two levels.

If the patient becomes distressed for any reason, cease treatment.

Other uses

In addition to pain relief, ActivBody is suitable for relaxation and circulation.

Best practice TENS therapy for the elderly patient

General procedures

  • Each person should have their own dedicated pair of electrodes - they can be reused many times for that same person

  • Store the electrodes at room temperature (between 5 and 27 degrees Celsius)

  • For best results, replace these pads when the gel wears away

  • If the skin is thin or fragile, take extra care when removing the gel pads from the body at the end of treatment

  • Another option for fragile, thin skin is our new garment electrodes

  • For pain relief, use the RELIEVE mode of ActivBody most of the time - it is generally the most comfortable sensation and is an excellent pain relieving mode; however, there are exceptions, SO...

  • Use the other two modes (BLOCK and RELAX) for variety, or if the patient indicates they are more comfortable with either of these modes

Treatment procedures

  • With the control unit turned OFF, connect the lead to the unit and to the electrodes

  • Place the electrodes at the site of pain (see other pages of website for photo illustrations)

  • Turn the unit ON and select the mode

  • Increase the intensity to above sensory threshold - this will differ by person and place on the body, because of skin resistance and subcutaneous fat or scar tissue

  • Ask the resident for feedback above sensory threshold - there is usually a "sweet spot" which is the most comfortable and comforting intensity

  • Leave the unit working for a minimum of one hour - longer if needed; some people really benefit from longer treatment times

  • Apply the therapy daily if needed


Please phone us for a quote for wholesale purchase of ActivBody and replacement electrodes.