TENS therapy

There are 3 different therapies under the umbrella term of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (T.E.N.S.)

  • Sensory nerve stimulation - for pain relief and relaxation (also called TENS, the same as the umbrella term)

  • Motor nerve or direct muscle stimulation - for circulation, muscle exercise and functional rehabilitation (called EMS for Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

  • Stimulation of cell membranes - for circulation and faster healing of soft tissue and bone (called ECS for Electrical Cell Stimulation)

TOLERANCE - no longer an issue

TENS pain relief therapy has evolved and improved significantlysince the 1980s. For one thing, there has been a vast improved in the quality and comfort of the electrodes.

Secondly, there is no longer an issue with Tolerance. i.e. the potential to develop a resistance to stimulation resulting in a gradual loss of effectiveness.

Modern TENS therapy has overcome this with the use of modulated and mixed frequency signals. With correct use of an appropriate waveform, pain relief is available to the patient over the long-term. There need be no development of tolerance.

Many thousands of our clients have been managing their chronic pain for decades using our modern technology, based upon well researched and tested waveforms and functions.


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