Kegel exercise

Executed correctly, Kegel (or manual) exercises strengthen the skeletal muscles of the pelvic floor. For detailed instructions on how to perform Kegel exercises correctly, please visit this site - Mayo Clinic - Kegel Exercise

If unsupervised Kegels are working for you - excellent; keep going!

However, for many people to achieve full urinary and faecal control, it is necessary to maintain strong smooth muscle as well as strong skeletal muscles.

Kegel exercise simply does not address weakened smooth muscle.

Tried Kegels? Too difficult?

Some people find that Kegel exercises are difficult to do because:

  • Their muscles are quite weak and hard to locate and isolate

  • They may have lost the neural pathway "memory" to activate the muscles

  • They find themselves turning on the wrong muscles

  • They find it very difficult to focus and concentrate for the required length of time each day

  • They can do them properly when coached by a physiotherapist, but this is getting very expensive and time consuming

If you fall into any of the above categories, there is another way to perform pelvic floor exercises - very accurately and conveniently, in the privacy of your home.

Oh so easy, with just a little assistance from InControl.

InControl... for men or for women

InControl is a medical device. It sends electronic signals to your pelvic floor muscles initiating a muscle strengthening contraction without any effort on your part. Every 15 seconds there is a 5 second period of contraction and a 10 second period of relaxation.

The device is forcing your muscles to do pelvic floor exercise. We call this assisted exercise.

Just like the manual exercises, you follow a prepared program, gradually building intensity and increasing the time performing the exercise each day.

After only a few weeks, your muscles will be getting stronger. You keep going until you are satisfied with the strength of the pelvic floor and the degree of urinary and faecal control you then have.

 Added Benefit

Unlike manual exercise, InControl strengthens involuntary (also called smooth) muscles as well as voluntary (also called skeletal) muscles. The internal urethral sphincter (men only), the internal anal sphincter and the bladder detrusor are 3 examples of involuntary muscle; manual exercise simply cannot strengthen them.

The only way to strengthen involuntary muscle is with assisted exercise. Better than Kegel Exercise!

Cost comparison

  • InControl - $260, to own

  • InControl Hire - $125, for 8 weeks

  • 20 supervised sessions of Kegel Exercise at $25 each = $500

  • Incontinence pads - say $3 per day = $1,000 per year, for the rest of your life