Looking after your Control Unit

Our new circuit boards have been coated to minimise the risk of corrosion.

We are not responsible for poorly maintained control units. This is how to look after your device:

  • Do not wear the control unit close to your skin in hot weather or if you are exercising - sweat causes a moist environment and may lead to corrosion of the circuit board.

  • When not in use, also keep your control unit in a dry environment

  • Please do not put the control unit into the same plastic bag as the electrodes

  • If your unit is exposed to high humidity, you may be able to dry it out by placing it in a container of uncooked rice

Taking care of Electrodes

Gel electrodes are a consumable item. Their life expectancy varies, depending upon many factors, including:

  • How often you take them off

  • Your skin’s cleanliness / oiliness

  • The humidity of the environment

  • How you store them

A typical life cycle is 3 months per pair. To make sure you get the best possible life from your pads:

  • Read and follow the instructions on the electrode packet

  • Clean and dry your skin before you apply the electrodes

  • Remove them from your skin gently and carefully

  • After use, place the pads back onto their plastic sheet and return them to their plastic bag; close the bag

  • Between uses, store the pack within the temperature range 5ºC to 27ºC

  • For reasons of hygiene, we advise that you do not share electrodes

If your electrodes no longer stick to your skin, your TENS system will not work efficiently.

If you are unsatisfied with the life of your electrodes, we suggest you consider our range of conductive garments. While they are more expensive to purchase their life expectancy is years rather than months.

Battery maintenance

  •  As a minimum, charge the battery for 2 hours every 3 months - even if not in use

  • The battery does not need to be flat before you recharge it

  • The battery does not need to be fully charged in order to use the device

The battery is warranted for 24 months, but most batteries last between 4 and 6 years if properly maintained.

When your battery finally dies, return your unit to us for a new battery to be fitted. Here are the details.