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 EllaEase functions include TENS and EMS

Benefits include:

  • Abdominal and/or low back period pain relief

  • Regulation of uterine muscle cramping

  • Increasing depleted levels of beta-endorphin

  • A pain management technique for medically diagnosed endometriosis - physiotherapy guidance recommended

  • Relaxation and a natural feeling of well-being

  • Release of muscle tension

  • General musculoskeletal pain relief - anytime of the month

EllaEase provides 2 useful modes of sensory nerve stimulation and one surging mode for motor nerve stimulation..

There are 30 intensity settings and the maximum intensity level is 60 volts. EllaEase is suitable for use at home, work or on the move.

How EllaEase works

EllaEase is known to block pain signals, help your body produce ß-endorphin, ease muscle spasm and moderate excessive uterus muscle contraction.

These therapies are helpful to many women - but not all women - with primary period pain, PMS or endometriosis. The truth is, you will not know which group you belong to, unless you try the therapy.

We suggest you borrow a TENS unit to trial the therapy - and if this is not possible, we are happy to hire you an EllaEase unit so you can experience it in the comfort of your own home and over several weeks.

Customer Feedback

"I just wanted to let you know that the EllaEase has made a tremendous difference to my life. I have been able to get on with my day with the EllaEase discreetly attached and connected. I have had some breakthrough pain, however it has been much more manageable with EllaEase. I highly recommend the EllaEase - it has minimized my need for regular [omitted- Ed] pain relief pharmaceuticals and improved my quality of life. I am able to function rather than being in bed and in agony, enduring the side effects of strong painkillers."

Kellie, Doreen, VIC