Pregnancy pain

During your pregnancy you might be glowing with good health one minute - and suffering from low back pain or aching legs the next.

If you have decided to minimize your use of pharmaceuticals during this time, you will be interested in a means of relieving pain without drugs. ActivNatal can lend a hand during pregnancy as well.

ActivNatal RELIEVE mode

RELIEVE mode offers a TENS stimulus combining pain gating (fast pain relief) and beta-endorphin release (longer lasting pain relief).

You may use RELIEVE mode during a healthy pregnancy, so long as the electrodes are located in any of the following locations:

  • Upper, middle or lower back

  • Neck or shoulders

  • Leg muscles, knees, hips, ankles or feet

  • Arm muscles, elbows, wrists or hands

RELIEVE mode may also be used to help you relax or sleep - use a low intensity for this purpose.


Fluid may pool in your legs during pregnancy because of increased blood volume and compression of certain veins caused by the expanding uterus. To avoid or reduced the swelling, known colloquially as "cankles",  we suggest:

  1. Take breaks from standing

  2. Elevate your feet

  3. Exercise as much as possible

  4. Avoid tight socks

  5. Drink lots of water

  6. Apply electrical cell stimulation - i.e. the RELIEVE mode or EXERCISE mode of the ActivNatal device.

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