Defective Items

A defective item is a commercially produced and distributed good that is:

  1. Unfit for its intended use

  2. Without adequate instructions for its use

  3. Dangerous or harmful for normal use

  4. Inherently dangerous due to defective design, manufacture or assembly

  1. ActivLife TENS machines have undergone design risk assessment and quality assurance, to ensure they are fit for their intended purpose

  2. We provide a clear and concise instruction manual with every device

  3. The same risk assessment determines that our devices are not dangerous or harmful for normal use

  4. Nor are they inherently dangerous due to defective design

  5. Very occasionally, a product may be defective due to component fault or assembly error

If an ActivLife product is defective, we will exchange it, repair it or refund your money, as required by Australian Consumer Law.

You must notify us of the defect as soon as you become aware of it, but no later than one month after the purchase date. The nature of the defect must be verified by either returning the item or sending a photograph. Where applicable, ActivLife will pay for postage.

In addition to your consumer rights, ActivLife TENS, EMS and ECS control units are covered by a 24 month warranty.

Unopened items

ActivLife will exchange or refund the purchase price of returned, unopened items, if received by us within one month of the purchase date.

In the case of Complete Kits, the outer box can be opened, so long as the electrode pack and lead pack are not opened. The buyer pays for postage and handling.

Opened items - not defective

Electrode packs

Electrodes are consumable items, intended for single person use. Once the packet is opened we cannot re-sell them.

Under Australian Consumer Law:

  • We have a responsibility to refund your money or exchange electrodes if they are defective; please see above

  • We do not have a responsibility to refund or exchange, if you simply change your mind, after you have opened the pack

Accessory compatibility should not be an issue if buying to suit one of our machines. All 2mm pin electrodes sold on our website are compatible with our entire current and discontinued TENS machine range.

If buying to suit a TENS machine from a different manufacturer, there may be issues of incompatibility. Please choose your items carefully. To help you decide, we provide photographs and product descriptions of each item we sell.

TENS machine Complete Kits

[If you have not used TENS therapy before, we offer a hire service, for trial before you buy. Most customers convert to purchase after the hire period. Two weeks is sufficient time to determine whether the therapy is helping you. Choose this option if you are unsure about committing to the full purchase].

If you have purchased a TENS Complete Kit and then:

  • Change your mind after opening the accessories, or

  • Decide you are not satisfied with the therapeutic benefit...

...we will refund the purchase price less $50. The following conditions apply:

  • You must contact us within 2 weeks of receiving the product, to tell us you will be returning it

  • The product, minus the electrodes, is then returned to us undamaged, within 7 days of this notification

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot refund your money if you have already made a Health Insurance Claim.