Safety DOs

  • Please use the correct product and correct mode for the Intended Purpose

  • Read your User Guide

  • Clean and dry the skin before attaching electrodes

  • Make sure the unit is turned OFF before you connect the lead and position or move electrodes

  • Set the intensity so the sensation remains comfortable - you can feel it, but it does not cause discomfort

If skin becomes irritated:

  • Vary the electrode placement or

  • Switch to sensitive skin electrodes

You may use TENS therapy in conjunction with analgesic medications.

Safety DO NOTs

  • To maintain hygiene, do not share electrodes with anyone else

  • Do not place electrodes on the chest if you have a heart pacemaker or similar

  • Do not pass the stimulus through the heart or the uterus

  • Do not place electrodes over the eyes, mouth or carotid artery

  • Do not use with Epilepsy, an active malignancy or acute inflammatory disease

  • Do not immerse in water

Air Travel

Our products are safe to wear during air travel:

  • You can take one in hand luggage or wear it

  • It will not set off the airport security alarm

  • It will not interfere with navigational instruments

Our products offer travel benefits such as:

  • Relieving stiffness caused by immobility - place pads on your back or other stiff joints

  • Helping to manage stress, anxiety and headache - place pads on your shoulder blades, base of the neck or each wrist

  • Improving circulation and reducing fluid retention - place pads on your calf muscles or ankles; if you have not done this during flight, try it as soon as you land

  • The modes to use for these applications include: RELIEVE on any of our devices, plus ActivBody RELAX and SportsMed RECOVER

Metal implants

It is quite OK to use TENS therapy in the vicinity of a metal pin or implant.

  • Implants are not made of conductive material

  • The TENS signal does not create any heat