Sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that passes from the spine into the buttock, then into the back of the thigh and leg. The sciatic nerve controls sensation and function to the leg and foot.

In sciatica, prolapsed or 'slipped' discs tend to bulge and press on the inter-vertebral nerve(s). This pressure irritates the nerve, causing pain and inflammation.

Pain can be experienced at the source of compression, or it may be radiated, or referred, down the nerve into the buttocks, the back of the thigh, even in the lower leg.

Pain management for sciatica

  • Seek thorough medical diagnosis and follow all medical advice

  • Attend a clinical practice for appropriate sciatic nerve therapy and supervision

  • For drug free pain relief use TENS therapy

SportsMed TENS therapy for Sciatica

After a diagnosis of sciatic nerve compression your management plan should include treatment as often as possible.

SportsMed is the TENS, ECS and EMS machine we suggest to reduce pain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

SportsMed electrotherapy can be used everyday - outside the clinic - for drug-free, on-demand pain relief. It is also designed and programmed to aid circulation and reduce inflammation.

User guide

Please read the User Guide which comes with your TENS unit

Pad placement - Sciatica

Pain relief - place pads where they are comfortable and most effective for pain relief

Injury healing - pads are placed at the location of the injury

Muscle rehabilitation - not applicable


If you have any questions please phone our office for further advice.