Upper body muscle groups

The muscles of the chest and upper back occupy the thoracic region of the body below the neck and above the abdominal region; they include the muscles of the shoulders. These important muscles control many motions that involve moving the arms and head. Breathing is also controlled by the muscles connected to the ribs of the chest and upper back.

The muscles of the head and neck perform many important tasks, including movement of the head and neck, chewing and swallowing, speech, facial expressions, and movement of the eyes.

Examples of upper body muscle groups that respond well to motor nerve stimulation are:

  • Biceps - a two headed muscle of the upper arm

  • Deltoids - a group of 7 muscles forming the rounded contour of the shoulder

  • Latissimus dorsi - the large flat muscle of the back, running laterally between the underarm and the spine

  • Pectorals - a thick, fan-shaped muscle of the chest; makes up the bulk of chest muscles in males and lies under the breasts in females

  • Rhomboids - major and minor; skeletal muscles of the back, diamond in shape and acting to connect the shoulder blade with the vertebrae of the spinal column

  • Trapezius - a large superficial muscle that extends longitudinally from the base of the skull to the lower thoracic vertebrae and laterally to the spine of the shoulder blade

  • Triceps - a three headed arm muscle on the back of the upper limb

SportsMed TENS machine exercise program for upper body

If muscles are wasted or weakened, start slowly and build gradually. As a general guide follow one of the tables below, depending upon which unit you have purchased. As the muscle group becomes stronger you build gradually by:

  • Increasing the intensity to give stronger contractions (from Medium to Medium-High and then High)

  • Using longer contract and release times (but release always twice as long as contract)

  • Applying for longer duration time each session

  • Repeating the program more often

  • Always allow a rest day between strenuous exercise sessions